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I am the host for the State of Vermont, the State of Wisconsin, and the County of Dallas, TX
for the US Biographies Project

I am the host for several towns in Litchfield County, CT and Tolland County, CT
for the USGenWeb Project

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"now is the time for all good men to
come to the aid of their country"

Corline "Jack" Jackson


Corline did come to the aid of his country during World War I.
He was my grandfather. I last found him on record on the
1920 census of Watertown, Jefferson County, WI.
His "whereabouts" were unknown after 1925 until
I found a record of his death in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

Many thanks to for their on-line records and to
the State of Oregon for their friendly and expeditious
response to my order for a death certificate.

For a larger photo of Corline and for other photos of lost,
missing, and unknown persons, visit my web site:

"Lost and Found & some just plain missing"

There are many Wisconsin photos here.
And as of January 2002 I am adding
Midwest Images - unknown photos from Iowa & Kansas
and will soon be adding unknown photos from Texas.


Faces & places without a home. Another great
photo site of "unknowns" just waiting
for you to claim them as your own

Visit Here



Speaking of faces without a name, please visit my site titled


This site is dedicated to a good friend of mine who is not only
an Adoptee but also a Birth Mother who is looking for her
first born son. The place was Hennepin County, MN and
the year was 1973. On the site there are pictures of both
John (the adoptee) and Michael, her second born.

As a birth mother, she has found her son.
As as adoptee, she has found her birth mother & siblings.


A current and ongoing project of mine is the reproduction
of biographies for Wisconsin and Vermont
for the US Biographies Project.

I found valuable information on my Krueger
and Henze lines from the Wisconsin biographies:

US Biographies Project - Jefferson County, WI
the 1879 publication is complete

US Biographies Project - Dodge County, WI

Wisconsin Biographies Project
for links to other counties

Vermont Biographies Project


Another ongoing project (probably a life-time project) is the
reproduction of biographies for Tolland & Windham counties,
Connecticut from a 1903 publication. I found a lot of
genealogical information on my White, Allen & Hall lines
amongst the 1250 valuable pages of this book.

Commemorative Biographical Record of Tolland and Windham Counties Connecticut
Publisher: J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago; 1903


A project that I have just completed is the reproduction of a
list of the names of teachers, staff and pupils for the 1882-1883
school year for the town of Berlin, Green Lake County, WI.
Included is a list of graduates from the years 1865-1882 and
where they were in 1882. There is also a picture (etching)
of the Berlin High School on the web site:

Berlin Public Schools - Berlin, WI 1882-1883


I have also completed recently the pages for several web sites
that I am hosting for the USGenWeb Project and the
American History Genealogy Project. They are
"town" sites and relatively easy to maintain and volunteers
are always needed. Visit my town sites:

Barkhamsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Bolton, Tolland County, Connecticut

Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Colebrook, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Duncanville, Dallas County, Texas

Ellington, Tolland County, Connecticut

Hebron, Tolland County, Connecticut

New Hartford, Litchfield County, Connecticut

New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Washington, Litchfield County, Connecticut


My surname page contains a lengthy list of both direct and
indirect lines. Visit my site:

My Family Surnames

With links to genealogy reports for the following surnames:

(IA & CO)
(CT & VT)


My next project is a cemetery page that will include my family
listings along with other folks picked up and noted along the way.
Locations include Texas, Connecticut, Wisconsin and Iowa.
Check back now and then to see if I have made progress with this project.
I recently returned from Wisconsin and have approximately
200 cemetery listings from the counties of
Waupaca, Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge

As soon as I can "unscramble & organize" the info, it will be available for viewing.

Update: Listings now available on-line

Rural Home Cemetery - Big Bend, Waukesha Co., WI
(partial listing with photos)

Rural Home Cemetery - Big Bend, Waukesha Co., WI
(complete listing 1936 to 1984)
Donated by: James and Phyllis Koelsch

Graceland Cemetery - Clintonville, Waupaca Co., WI


Following is a travel itinerary of places on the web that I have
visited and found interesting & fruitful enough to bookmark
for return visits and research. And if you are a "non-retired"
working stiff like me with limited research time

(for whatever reason)

I thought that you might appreciate
a little "jump start" on your search for your ancestors.

Good Luck
Happy Hunting


Places To Go - Faces To Find

Here We Go
Genealogical Web Sites


My Adoptee Page


For Canadian Researchers

Cyndis List of Genealogical Sites

Connecticut State Library

Census Microfilm Expeditors

California Genealogy Index

Cemeteries of the USA

Cemetery Records on the Internet

Dodge-Jefferson County WI Genealogical Society

Family Tree Maker

First Name Basis




Genealogy Help List - California

Genie Angels

Higginson Books

House of Tartan

Iowa - Harrison County Biographies

Kentucky - Webster County Biographies

Latter Day Saints (LDS)

Library of Congress Catalog

Dalby Database - Rice County MN

Berkshire County Massachusetts

The Mayflower Web Pages

The Merriwether Society Inc.

Ohio Online Death Certificate Index

Pottawattamie County Iowa Genealogy

Roots Web

Scotland (Clan) Research

South Dakota Memorial & Biographical Record

St. Albans Free Library Vermont

Surname Helper

Surname Web

States and Capitals & other info

"Titanic Aftermath"

US Biographies Project


Vermont in the Civil War


State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Watertown WI Historical Society

Wisconsin USGenWeb Page

Wisconsin Biographies Project


And that's it for now. These sites ought to get you off to a
running start. They worked and are still working for me.



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